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1 books of Chris Hutchins,Peter Thompson,Gloria Steinem,Ed Sanders,Robert Santelli

is a limited edition special e-­short presented by the Smithsonian and the Grammy Museum.  It’s hard to believe that the Beatles first came to America 50 years ago.  Their influence cannot be understated- music, fashion, design, film, production, politics, and then some.  The Beatles gave an outsized American by-­product, rock’n’roll, a different look and sound while simultaneously providing a soundtrack to a cultural revolution.  is an exciting look at the legacy that the Beatles created featuring never-­before-­published photographs by Ringo Starr from his private portfolio, along with great articles spanning the Fab Four’s career from beginning to end and interviews with both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.  The Beatles in America also features recollections on the Beatles influence from classic rockers like Smokey Robinson, Pat Benatar, John Fogerty, Brian Wilson, and others.   is a must for old fans looking back on a popular culture phenomena and new fans getting a view of a . . .

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Books of Chris Hutchins,­Peter Thompson,­Gloria Steinem,­Ed...