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What happens to a young man's self-­image, and his sex life, when he
wakes up one morning to see his good looks significantly altered for the
worse? Three twenty-­something gay friends—an embalmer, a movement
coach, and a literary agent—find out the answer when they hit on the
wrong patron of a club one night.

Todd, Fallon, and Jake, aka the
Hunt Club, think they're pretty damned hot. As a result, their
standards for worthwhile hook-­ups are appallingly superficial. The men
aren't total jerks; they just need an adjustment in perspective. And
they get it, in spades, from a mysterious stranger who's sick of seeing
his beautiful partner pawed by dawgs.

There’s no medical
explanation for the hideous rashes that erupt on the trio overnight.
Doctors can’t even detect it, much less cure it. Still, the Hunt Club’s
mirrors reflect ravaged faces, and the toned, handsome guys they
normally pursue now shun them.

As the vulnerability that’s
always lurked beneath their vanity . . .

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