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This ebook is purpose built and is proof-­read and re-­type set from the original to provide an outstanding experience of reflowing text for an ebook reader. Captain Cooke’s narrative starts with the his experiences in the South of France during the last days of the Peninsular War, and combines part travelogue with witty reminiscences of the jollity after peace was declared in 1814. The society and manners of a bruised and touchy French populace ever ready to quarrel and duel are contrasted with the happiness of the British and some of their collaborators. The second part of his book is much more of a military point of view and focuses on the attack on New Orleans in 1814. Of the many amphibious operations undertaken by the British army; few have been as unsuccessful as the abortive attempt to capture New Orleans during the war of 1812 with America. It was an abortive operation during an abortive war from a British point of view; from the American side righteous indignation was . . .

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