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Bloomberg says “sell”, but CNBC says “buy”. “Don’t you dare tap your home equity!­” says one money expert. “Home equity line rates are at all time lows,­” the other expert says. Who are you supposed to believe? Does this sound familiar to you? If so, The One-­Minute Financial Planner is for you. Written to bridge the gap arising from a school system lacking in sound money management principles, The One Minute-­Financial Planner is filed with useful truths and actionable, easy-­to-­implement steps that will help make any reader more financially confident. Divided into six general segments, the articles inside the book will help you address misconceptions about dozens of situations that arise every day, whether it’s using a stop-­loss order for your biggest stock position or figuring out if your revocable living trust does everything you want it to. The One-­Minute Financial Planner is practice, not theory. Written by a practicing financial planner with over six years’ experience at two . . .

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Books of Joel Redmond