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Worldly Women shows any woman who has ever considered working abroad how to expatriate successfully and achieve excellence. Learn from those who have seen it, done it, and loved it!­At this crucial period, when our workforce is becoming more global, many nations around the world face an imminent workforce shortage, and there is an ever greater demand for more women in leadership roles, Worldly Women demonstrates that expatriate women are the ultimate solution. However, the number of women who fill these roles remains curiously modest due to barriers and complexities that only female expatriates face. This book is based on interviews with 62 Women in Senior-­level Expatriate Roles (WiSER) from all corners of the globe who shared their own strategies to overcome these challenges, and succeed, when working abroad. Expatriate experience is no longer a luxury, but a must have--­and an experience that you can have.­Notably, Worldly Women offers ground breaking information about global . . .

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Books of Sapna Welsh and Caroline Kersten