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Testing for a unit root is an essential part of time series analysis and an integral part of many disciplines, such as economics, statistics, climatology, hydrology and meteorology. This volume develops the analysis and concepts of unit root testing and estimation, providing an accessible and critical account of recent advances and extensions of the basic framework. It provides practical guidance through examples and simulation, combined with a firm theoiretical base from which to evaluate competing approaches. This second volume of Unit Root Tests in Time Series will benefit readers who have an understanding of the basic concepts of unit root testing, such as the widely used Dickey-­Fuller test, and can be read independently of volume one. It includes developments such as nonparametric approaches to unit root testing, testing for fractional integration, nonlinear models including smooth transition and discrete change models and structural breaks with known or unknown break . . .

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Testing for a unit root is now an essential part of time series analysis. Indeed no time series study in economics, and other disciplines that use time series observations, can ignore the crucial issue of nonstationarity caused by a unit root. However, the literature on the topic is large and often technical, making it difficult to understand the key practical issues. This volume provides an accessible introduction and a critical overview of tests for a unit root in time series, with extensive practical examples and illustrations using simulation analysis. It presents the concepts that enable the reader to understand the theoretical background, and importance of ran¬dom walks and Brownian motion, to the development of unit root tests. The book also examines the latest developments and practical concerns in unit root testing. This book is indispensable reading for all interested in econometrics, time series econometrics, applied econometrics and applied statistics. It will also be . . .

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