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From the editor of the popular Annotated Pride and Prejudice comes an annotated edition of Jane Austen's Emma that makes her beloved tale of an endearingly inept matchmaker an even more satisfying read. Here is the complete text of the novel with more than 2,­200 annotations on facing pages, including:

-­Explanations of historical context
-­Citations from Austen's life, letters, and other writings
-­Definitions and clarifications
-­Literary comments and analysis
-­Maps of places in the novel
-­An introduction, bibliography, and detailed chronology of events
-­Nearly 200 informative illustrations

Filled with fascinating information about everything from the social status of spinsters and illegitimate children to the shopping habits of fashionable ladies to English attitudes toward gypsies, David M. Shapard's Annotated Emma brings Austen's world into richer focus.

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From the editor of the popular Annotated Pride and Prejudice comes an annotated edition of Jane Austen's Persuasion that makes the beloved novel an even more satisfying and fulfilling read. Here is the complete text of Persuasion with hundreds of annotations on facing pages, including:

● Explanations of historical context
● Citations from Austen's life, letters, and other writings
● Definitions and clarifications
● Literary comments and analysis
● Plentiful maps and illustrations
● An introduction, a bibliography, and a detailed chronology of events

Packed with all kinds of illuminating information--­from what Bath and Lyme looked like at the time to how "bathing machines" at seaside resorts were used to how Wentworth could have made a fortune from the Napoleonic Wars--­David M. Shapard's delightfully entertaining edition brings Austen's novel of second chances vividly to life.


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Jane Austens Emma (1815) explores the life of women in Regency England, combining romance with some aspects of the comedy of manners. The story centers around the eponymous character who, unlike Austens other popular heroines, is an upper middle-­class young woman with no pecuniary concerns. Emma Woodhouse is rather a strong-­headed, beautiful young woman who lives with her father and who has resolved not to marry. Yet, she spends considerable time and energy trying to make matches for the other people around her and tends to draw amusement and satisfaction from such practice. After one successful experience, Emma tries to match her friend Harriet to a man named Mr. Elton. Her earnest and honest friend George Knightley warns her of Mr. Eltons snobbish nature. Nonetheless, Emma starts by making her friend Harriet reject a marriage proposal. Surprisingly, while she believes Mr. Eltons attention is drawn towards Harriet, the man ends up declaring his love for the match-­maker herself. . . .

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Perhaps as early as 1787, Austen began to write poems, stories, and plays for her own and her family's amusement. Austen later compiled "fair copies" of these early works into three bound notebooks, now referred to as the "Juvenilia,­" containing pieces originally written between 1787 and 1793. (from Wikipedia)
The 3rd volume of juvenilia includes:
* Evelyn
* Catharine
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Back View of Jane Austen, Watercolor
by Cassandra Austen
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is a novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education, and marriage in the society of the landed gentry of early 19th-­century England. Elizabeth is the second of five daughters of a country gentleman living near the fictional town of Meryton in Hertfordshire, near London. Though the story is set at the turn of the 19th century, it retains a fascination for modern readers, continuing near the top of lists of "most loved books" such as The Big Read. It has become one of the most popular novels in English literature and receives considerable attention from literary scholars. Modern interest in the book has resulted in a number of dramatic adaptations and an abundance of novels and stories imitating Austen's memorable characters or themes. To date, the book has sold some 20 million copies worldwide. As Anna Quindlen wrote, "Pride and Prejudice is also about that . . .

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This edition of includes: • 36 full-­color illustrations from the 1898 and 1907 editions by the brothers Charles E. and Henry M. Brock • an informative Introduction • a detailed Author Bio and Bibliography “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.­” So begins one of the most popular and beloved novels of all time, Jane Austen’s masterpiece,. This edition adheres to the original 1813 text, has been carefully proofread for errors, and elegantly and expertly formatted for ereaders.

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Doma House Publishing presents to you this version of The Complete Works of Jane Austen, which has been designed and formatted specifically for your Amazon Kindle.
This edition covers everything including her major works, minor works, unfinished works, and scraps. Also, you can easily navigate through chapters using the linked Table of Contents found at the start of this edition.
Purchase Jane Austen: The Complete Works and treat yourself to the following list of works by this classic British Author:
Major Works:
Sense and Sensibility (1811)
Pride and Prejudice (1813)
Mansfield Park (1814)
Emma (1815)
Northanger Abbey (1817) Posthumous
Persuasion (1818) Posthumous
Minor Works:
The Watsons (1803, 1805)
Sanditon (1817)
Unfinished Works:
Lady Susan (1794, 1805)
Early Works:
Love and Friendship (1790)
Lesley Castle (~1792)
The History of England (1791)
Collection of Letters
- The Female Philosopher
- The First Act of a Comedy
- A Tour . . .

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