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Get personal money management advice that make sense. In, financial journalist Stacey Tisdale and financial expert Paula Boyer Kennedy offer unique Life Planning techniques that allow you to successfully plan your financial future and take complete control of your finances. Following a "Life Planning" approach that focuses on the individual rather than the portfolio, the authors offer proven strategies to help you choose from a variety of financial options that fit your specific situations. By sharing these strategies, Tisdale and Kennedy help you uncover the real story behind your own financial choices, and show you how to use that information to create a plan that aligns finances and priorities, and makes your goals a reality. Filled with real-­life examples and detailed financial planning solutions, shows you how to make the most informed decisions possible when dealing with challenging money-­related decisions. "Financial ignorance is NOT bliss, it is a disaster. This book is . . .

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Books of Stacey Tisdale