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A classic tale combining hints of the supernatural and an impossible murder. The death of Miles Despard looks simple enough. But then how does the housekeeper see a woman walk through a wall? And how would someone walk through a door that had been bricked up two hundred years ago? To all intents and purposes it looks as if someone has come from the past to commit the murder but could that really be the case? Surely not…

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A DR GIDEON FELL MYSTERY. In the quaint English village of Sodbury Cross, pretty Marjorie Wills is suspected of poisoning chocolates in the local confectionary shop. Her uncle, the wealthy Marcus Chesney, believes eyewitnesses are unreliable. To prove his point, he sets up a clever test in front of three witnesses and a camera. They are asked to watch a staged series of events, during which a masked man enters the room to 'poison' Chesney by feeding him a large green capsule. As expected, the experiment concludes and no one can agree on what took place, except that Marcus Chesney is dead... How is that possible? And who is the culprit? It takes Dr. Gideon Fell to unravel this Golden Age classic.

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When Dr Gideon Fell, that most eminent of eccentric sleuths, finds himself at a party whose guests are in a state of deep agitation, all the faculties of his detective genius are called into play. Why is the host of the party - Henry Maynard, a Southern aristocrat - so cryptic about the strange goings-­on in the stately mansion? And how is the theft of the scarecrow linked to a diabolical and ingenious murder? Fell's cunning, proceeds to uncover the dastardly motives to the deeds that have been taking place in the dark of the moon.

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A DR GIDEON FELL MYSTERY. Outside the little French city of Chartres, industrialist Howard Brookes is found dying on the parapet of an old stone tower. Evidence shows that it was impossible for anyone to have entered at the time of the murder, however someone must have, for the victim was discovered stabbed in the back. Who could have done it? And where did they go? When no one is convicted, the mystery remains unsolved for years until a series of coincidences brings things to a head in post-­war England, where amateur sleuth Dr. Gideon Fell is on the scene to work out what really happened.

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