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Heather's boyfriend Tad is so passionless in bed she's been thinking of cheating. But when she sees Tad adopting the persona of the character he's dressed as at a costume party, she wonders if she can turn this talent to her advantage. She buys a werewolf mask and has him put it on the next time they have sex. The mask rouses his inner beast, and he gives her a savage fucking. A 4,­100-­word story.

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Lindy's husband would rather spend his time pointlessly working out on his ski machine than giving her the attention she so desperately needs. Instead she finds all the attention she could possibly want in the arms of her hunky neighbor Ramon. And since hubby exercises with his headphones cranked to the max and his eyes glued to football games on the TV, what better place to have those needs met than right behind his oblivious back! A quick and dirty 1,­800 words.

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