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Felicity Clairemont has come to Spain to claim her inheritance. Unfortunately that means spending time with the Duque Vidal y Salvadores-­and the darkly handsome Spaniard has always made it plain what he thinks of her. The last time Vidal saw Fliss, his emotions were strong-­he hated and wanted her with equal measure. But now honor demands he must help her. As the truth about Fliss's family comes flooding out, and the power of their stormy attraction takes hold, can Vidal admit how wrong he's been about her…?

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When Leo Jefferson falls into bed he finds a surprise--­a gorgeous siren who makes him forget all about his stressful day.... But next morning she confesses to being schoolteacher Jodi Marsh who fell asleep in the wrong room! Will her reputation be ruined by her uncharacteristic behavior? Leo has the perfect solution--­an engagement!

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It's been six years since Jamie walked in on her lover, Jake Brierton, in bed with another woman--­and walked right back out that door and out of his life. But even though Jamie has spent years working on her successful decorating business, she's never been able to fully exorcise Jake from her mind. He is, after all, her stepbrother....­When her stepdad becomes ill, Jamie is reunited with Jake on their way home for Christmas. She is shocked when Jake proposes marriage--­a marriage designed to make their family happy.­But when the ceremony is over, and their honeymoon in a cozy Swiss chalet begins, Jamie wonders what kind of marriage she's destined to have with the man who once broke her heart...­and could easily do it again!

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She desperately wanted to believe in his love
Secretly Jaime still regretted having walked out on Blake. But his four-­year silence had confirmed her fears--­that Blake didn't love her or their child
So naturally Jaime was suspicious when Blake turned up and began campaigning to win back his rights--­both as father and husband. And she was hurt and confused when he appeared to be involved in an even more sinister campaign to silence Jaime's opposition to the sale of the local abbey.
Jaime had never been able to interpret Blake's motives. And she still didn't trust him to return her love.

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Re-­read this classic romance DARKER SIDE OF DESIRE by New York Times bestselling author Penny Jordan A bond was forged the day Claire saved the infant heir to the desert kingdom of Omarah from assassins. Otherwise, she wouldn't have agreed to masquerade as the boy's mother—­and Raoul D'Albro's unwanted wife. But nothing could shield Claire from his powerful masculinity or their mutual desire! Originally published in 1984 And re-­discover another thrilling Harlequin Presents, THE SHEIKH'S PREGNANT PRISONER, by Tara Pammi When Zafir Al Masood finds out the woman he had a whirlwind affair with is carrying his child and intending to keep it secret, he imprisons feisty Lauren in his palace. Unlike him, his baby will not be the illegitimate heir of a sheikh. And to ensure this, Zafir will make Lauren his wife...! Originally published in 2016

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