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Her dead husnabd called...

...­saying he was the culprit who'd snatched Ali Weyden's son from
Santa's lap. Little Bobbie was safe. He'd be returned in time for
Christmas--­as soon as Ali got the bank to release the hefty insurance
settlement she'd received upon her husband's falsified death.

Ali's dead husband was alive, her son was missing and her mind was
reeling. She turned to the one man she could almost trust-­the single dad
next door, crime writer Logan Reed.

Logan's strong arms comforted, his lips reassured ...­and while his
razor-­sharp mind pieced together the puzzle, Ali began to love again.
But the stakes were raised: her deceased husband was found dead-­again.
And her son was still missing...

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His child...­or hers?­NYPD detective Hank Ballantyne figures that for a single father, he has his life running pretty smoothly. Until a woman appears on Hank's doorstep saying she is his adopted son's mother--­and she wants her son back.­Dr. Natalie Lawson had been separated from her son during a devastating earthquake in Guatemala. Hospitalized and badly injured, she'd had no idea that her child had been mistakenly identified as an orphan and brought to the United States for adoption. Now that she's found Robbie, she wants to be a part of his life again--­and that means becoming a part of Hank Ballantyne's life, too....

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Sworn to Protect Celeste Langley may be the NYPD's prime suspect in her
brother's murder, but Detective Travis Quinn is convinced she didn't do it.
She's too kind and warmhearted[unknown-­8230]and his feelings for her are far too
strong. But before they can have any kind of future, Travis must keep Celeste safe.
First from the very system he has sworn to uphold, and then from a cold-­blooded murderer
who has marked Celeste as his next victim. Now the safest place for her to be is in the
shelter of Travis's arms….

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A screwball romantic comedy with wild animal attraction! Animal magnetism! Nick Montgomery was a cop, not an animal trainer. At least, not until he quit his job on the promise of an inheritance and found out he owned half of Wild Action, an animal talent agency. The other half belonged to Carly Dumon, his dead uncle's prot&#233gé e, and a very attractive one at that. Of course, Nick told himself he wasn't interested. All he wanted was to put Wild Action in the black and sell his share so he could go back to his real life — even if that meant solving the mystery behind the series of "accidents" plaguing the agency. But that was before Attila the bear fell in love with him and refused to behave for anyone else. It was also before he fell in love with Carly, who didn't behave for anyone!

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