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Volume 4 of the omnibus series concludes Buffy's high-­school career, wrapping up Season 3 of the show's story line. Collected in this volume are the complete saga written by Andi Watson ( ), the first attempt at making a "season" of the comics, where Buffy battles a sultry vampire who hungers for a lot more than blood; the first comics work by television-­series writer Doug Petrie, and critically acclaimed artists Eric Powell ( ), Ryan Sook ( ), and Cliff Richards ( Season 8), whose stories follow the Scoobies through their final year at Sunnydale High; and the first miniseries,, written by acclaimed novelist Christopher Golden ( ). The omnibus books collect the earliest comics and are an excellent precursor to Joss Whedon's Season 8 series. This volume collects issues #9-­#11, #13-­#15, and #17-­#20,,, and.

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