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A satirical romp through the corridors of the Foreign Office as Patrick Stubbs is posted as third secretary in the British Embassy in Lower Africa. Mayhem awaits him - an absent-­minded ambassador, a bullying first secretary with a dipsomaniac wife, and a crush on the police chief's wife!
'A marvellously thoughtful farce, a remarkable portrait of contemporary South Africa, combine argument of this complexity with an ebullient comic gift and you have a superb novel' Sunday Times
'Alan Judd's characters are serious. So is Alan Judd. You will laugh like mad' The Times
'Comedy is a deadly weapon and Mr Judd wields it in a fashion that brings you close to tears' Sunday Telegraph

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After university and Sandhurst, Charles Thoroughgood has now joined the Assault Commados and is on a four-­month tour of duty in Armagh and Belfast. The thankless task facing him and his men -- to patrol the tension-­filled streets through weeks of boredom punctuated by bursts of horror -- takes them through times of tragedy, madness, laughter and terror.
Alan Judd tells Thoroughgood's tale with verve, compassion and humour. The result is an exceptionally fine novel which blends bitter human incident with army farce.

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Charles Thoroughgood, hero of Alan Judd's classic A Breed of Heroes, has left the army to be trained by MI6 in the arts of the Cold War. Nothing could prepare him, however, for the unexpected inheritance left him by his late father, which leads him back into an old school friendship with Viktor, a Russian diplomat living in London, and beyond that into the murky world of Soviet espionage at the height of the nuclear threat to the West.

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From a prison cell, in which he has been held on suspicion of breaking the Official Secrets Act, Charles Thoroughgood awaits not only his bail, but also the reappearance of the woman whom all the major roads in his life have led back to. After his years in the army and then with MI6, Charles has begun a new chapter in his life with the Secret Intelligence Agency, shadowing the movements of a suspected double agent. Charles knows that he has nothing to hide, and as he casts his mind over the course of recent events, he begins to suspect a more sinister motivation, both personally and politically, behind his incarceration...

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Life is suddenly looking up for William Wooding. Thirty-­five, overweight, sedately employed and unhappily married, he is given the chance to escape to a new life in South America.
There he runs the English Bookshop and discovers a different kind of existence: anarchic staff, a beautiful prostitute called Theresa, intrigue at Maria's Tango Club (the local house of pleasure) and a country heading for a bloody coup. Wooding discovers that the country's young president is an old school friend and as a consequence finds himself recruited by the mysterious Mr Box of British Intelligence to investigate what is going on...
Tango is a hugely enjoyable mixture of sexual escapades, revolutionary politics, and intelligence-­gathering in exotic landscapes. It confirms Alan Judd as the contemporary successor to Evelyn Waugh.
'Very entertaining...­it makes you want to turn the pages. No mean achievement' Sunday Telegraph
'Well-­constructed, witty and at times moving' Independent

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Robert Stevens and Tim Albright are in their final term at Oxford. Their exams are looming larger and larger on the horizon. But more important to both of them is the production of the fierce Jacobean tragedy, 'The Changeling', which Robert is directing. Along with them, we follow the fortunes of Gina, the seductive and enigmatic leading lady in the play; Chetwynd, the bizarre older student who travels around with a revolver; and Anne, the gentle wife of Robert's tutor. Spiced with humour and anarchy, 'The Noonday Devil' is a masterly work of fiction whose underlying theme, the deadly trap of sloth, leads to an unexpected and almost unbearable climax.
'A gently philosophical, violently human commentary... a story that holds its ironical secrets to the bitter end' Mail on Sunday
'Mr Judd has imparted a wholly original flavour... The novel is so well made, so vibrant with life, that it is a pleasure to read' Scotsman

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A beautifully written, highly emotional love story about an RAF pilot in WWII, from the acclaimed author of Legacy.

Frank Foucham risks his life night after night flying raids over Germany. The war shows no sign of ending and Frank is scared his luck is running out.

On a rare day off, fishing for relaxation, he meets Kenneth Ovenden. Forging an immediate friendship based on shared wartime experiences, Frank is then introduced to Kenneth's daughter-­in-­law Vanessa. Their connection is immediate. With an urgency that the shadow of war brings, these two must follow their hearts before time runs out.

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From the author of Legacy, now a major BBC Film, comes a brilliant new novel for fans of le Carre, Graham Greene and Charles Cumming.

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From award-­winning author Alan Judd comes a gripping espionage novel set during the height of the Cold War. Capturing the tenor of 1970s London with assuredness on par with that of the genre's greats, Judd has crafted an extraordinary story about a young spy who discovers some shocking truths about his family. Fresh out of the army, Charles Thoroughgood has barely begun his training in Britain's secret intelligence service, MI6, when his college association with a Soviet diplomat lands him on a case. The diplomat, Viktor Koslov, has been working in London and is behaving in ways that may suggest he's turnable. Charlie's higher-­ups hope to exploit Viktor for their own purposes. But when Charlie makes contact, Viktor reveals certain information about Charlie’s family that he would rather not believe. Charlie soon finds his desire to learn the truth to be at odds with the goals of MI6. Caught at the intersection of the professional and the personal, he sets out to untangle the story . . .

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