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Entrepreneurs play a vital role in economic development as key contributors to technological innovation and new job growth. We discovered that many people, just like you, have the urge to create an enterprise; to help themselves and to make a difference in this world. While successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are well publicized, the harsh reality is that most new businesses are prone to failure because they don?­t have access to accurate information about the entrepreneurial process. This book is a ?­word map? for guiding you through that process, from refining your business idea and securing capital to a successful launch into the marketplace. There are many types of business ideas to pursue and you are probably better educated than many historic entrepreneurs - both Thomas Edison and Ray Kroc being high school dropouts and both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates being college dropouts. If you hunger to be your own boss and to make a contribution to society with your . . .

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Books of Ed.­D, Ph.­D. William R. Cobb and M. L. Johnson