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As one of the top paranormal investigators in his company, Tristan is used to the weird, inexplicable, and downright nasty. His latest case, though, is proving to be more trouble than its worth... Tracking an elusive serial killer has Tristan heading for the one place he would prefer to avoid: Putman County. Between the often-­frightening residents and his always-­frightening relatives, its not exactly his preferred vacation spot. But Putman County is where his latest target was spotted, so thats where he goes. From day one, the situation spirals out of Tristans control. His target always seems to be one step ahead of him, his brother is mad at him, while his boss keeps calling him a dozen times a day. And one annoying werewolf is looking far too attractive for Tristans peace of mind! Its going to take every ounce of Tristans not-­inconsiderable skill to track down a murderer. And its going to take every ounce of his courage to admit that he might be falling for the last person . . .

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Allegro Romani is a fairy. Literally. Disowned by his family because of his sexual orientation, hes left the Fae realm for Earth. Hes done all right for himself, establishing a small store in a paranormal-­friendly town. Hes even made a few friends, despite his awkward social skills. But one day a week, everything goes to hell. Alli is a Fayte, and they dont tend to fare very well out of the magic-­laden air of their home world. Once a week, their body rebels. And the result? A day full of the worst luck imaginable. For Alli, that day is always Friday. Hes come to dread them and would, in fact, spend every Friday tucked up in bed with the covers over his head if he could. But hes found out from past experience that it doesnt help, so now he just grits his teeth and tries to get through Friday without killing himself. Or someone else. Then one particular Friday, his bad luck results in something surprisingly good. He meets a gorgeous bear-­shifter named Michael Lakkis. And despite . . .

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Mike isn't much of an animal lover. His sister, however, insists that every little boy needs a pet, which is how he finds himself sitting in a veterinary office, trying to explain the facts of life to his six-­year-­old nephew while holding a dead hamster in a shoebox. It's not one of his finer moments. So of course, it's just his luck that in walks the cute, shy, and utterly lust-­worthy Riley Laytham. But Mike has never been one to let an opportunity pass him by, no matter how awkward the situation might be.

Riley isn't used to guys flirting with him, and he definitely didn't expect it to happen at the local vet office. In the kennels, no less, surrounded by dogs and cats, and under the close scrutiny of one overly inquisitive little boy. Riley's first instinct is to make his excuses and run, but Mike is persistent.

Their first date is a disaster. They have nothing in common, and Riley's cats seem determined to end the budding relationship before it can get started. For some . . .

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Kevin knows Alexs flaws better than most—after all, hes been the mans sidekick for two years now. And hes been lusting after the hero for nearly as long, once he got over the overwhelming urge to beat Alex over the head with something. Unfortunately, the urge still reappears on occasion, and their latest case is stretching both of their tempers to the limits. So the last thing Kevin needs to add to the mix is a budding romance, but thats exactly what happens when Alex kisses him. That is, if you can call a humping, grinding, passionate embrace a mere kiss. Before they can work out their issues, though, they have to take care of an obnoxious villain. Then theres the little matter of Kevins secret. When Alex is abducted, its Kevins turn to play hero. But taking on that role means risking everything for the man hes come to love—his career, his friends and, quite possibly, his sanity.

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Troy Maxwell is a private detective soured on life. Hes spent so many years investigating and observing the darker sides of life and relationships until he no longer believes in true love. Its time for a vacation, a long vacation. But when his best friend shows him a photograph of a rancher in Wyoming and offers him a new case, Troy cant turn away. The stunning, well-­built man in the picture calls to him in ways Troy hasnt felt before. It takes only a few minutes in rancher and horse breeder Rafe Morgans presence for Troy to realize that not everything is as it seems. And it takes only a few more minutes for him to realize that Rafe has the capability of making him break his rule about mixing business with pleasure. But Troy is living a lie and, as it always does, the truth comes out. When an explosion of anger leads to an even more violent explosion of passion, Troy comes to the startling conclusion that Rafe is one man he cant afford to let get away. First, though, he has to . . .

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