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I was encouraged to write the first instruction book on making lefse after many people approached me stating they would like to learn to make lefse. I could have made a video but realized a book would be easier to follow and I could reach more people in a book form. About six years ago I did just that. Having sold out on that book I am now offering this book, a second edition. By experimenting with recipes I can offer more detailed instructions; thus making the steps more explicit in making lefse. This is an instructional book for making lefse, a delicacy that is greatly welcomed by descendants of Norwegian emigrants that settled in many areas of the United States. It has been discovered and enjoyed by other ethnic backgrounds in recent decades. The purpose of such a book is to renew the art of making lefse back in to the families whose grandmothers made it several generations ago. If one hasn?­t made lefse a recipe is needed and the procedure must be simple to follow. Such is . . .

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