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ABSOLUTELY HEART-­STOPPING!­" - Leti Del Mar, author of Land of the Unaltered
"[Summer Lane] IS QUITE A TALENTED WRITER WITH AN AMAZING GIFT FOR NARRATION.­" - Janice White, Editor & Author of Clarity: A Text on Writing

Cassidy Hart is alone.
Her Commander and the love of her life, Chris Young, has gone missing in action. A horrific battle with Omega has left too many good men and women dead, and Cassidy must bear the burden of leadership in the militia on her own.
But she's not about to give up.
With the help of her faithful friends - and former enemies - she will stop at nothing to rescue Chris and ensure victory for the militias in their fight against the all-­powerful Omega forces. The game has shifted.
This time, Cassidy is one step ahead of the enemy.
This time, Cassidy is in charge.

BOOK 4 in the National Bestselling Series.
New Adult/Young Adult Romantic Adventure

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"Lane is surely worth picking up and reading, whoever you may be.­" - Daniel M. Harrison, #1 Bestselling Author of Butterflies and Editor of MarxRand

The destruction of California is at hand.
Cassidy Hart and Chris Young have survived a dangerous mission into the heart of Sky City, a secret Omega base hidden deep in the mountains, but their vengeance has come with a price. The dark, ominous cloud of nuclear war threatens to destroy everything they love, and they are forced to make one final stand against Omega's western invasion force.

San Francisco.
Cassidy and her friends retreat to Alcatraz Island, regrouping with their lethal strike team, the Angels of Death. Their mission: infiltrate the most important Omega base on the west coast, and assassinate everyone they find there, including a new and dangerous enemy, the ruthless Omega leader Veronica Klaus.

The clock is ticking.
Ashes rain from the sky. Cassidy Hart must make a choice.
What is more important? Victory, . . .

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