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Four naughty stories of the immortals of Mt. Olympus Welcome to Mt. Olympus, where erotic pleasures reign supreme and the ancient Greek gods engage in games that have no rules. Bacchanal In vino veritas? The very wine that brings Dionysus his true love, also takes her from him. Will he interfere in the affairs of mortals to get Ariadne back, or will Theseus, his rival for her affections, betray the woman who saved him? Sometimes love is a labyrinth all its own. Erato When the lowly muse Erato is unwittingly used as a pawn in Aphrodite and Eros's vengeful quest against Apollo, can he emerge the winner of their battle? More importantly, will Erato lose his heart to the unsuspecting nymph Acantha in the process? Eros's Valentine When the god of love and sexual desire finds himself bored with both, can a Valentine?­s Day trip to the mortal realm and one woman cure him of his malaise and remind him of passions long forgotten? Bliss Psyche, Adelfa, and Bliss. Three beautiful sisters. . . .

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