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People do live without the need for food and it is possible to stare into the sun. ‘The Earth Was Flat’ takes a bold stance challenging various belief systems and societal norms. Mason does a great job raising the question: who are we? The beauty of this book is it is written from an honest perspective through experience, encouraging people to take nothing for granted. His sungazing journal and the section on his quest toward self discovery have encouraged me to take responsibility for my own emotions for the first time in my life. --­Harry Raoz Through various stories, entertaining adventures and amusing tid bits, this book convinced me that anything is possible. At the age of 53, ‘The Earth Was Flat’ gave me the courage to seek the wisdom that resides within me. Mason’s bold approach to living coupled with his youthful curiosity may inspire the un-­inspirable. His journal entries while chasing the sun where honest and introspective, and his insight into the subject of healing is . . .

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