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For adults only.

Red Riding Hood is a naughty young woman. Now, she has been sent away to live with her Auntie. As she walks to Auntie’s house through the dark woods, the big, bad Wolf sees her. He decides he must have her - first, as his ...

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The rich banker takes what he wants. And what he wants is the maid.

A story of sexual depravity, ripped from today’s headlines.

Yves Savoir-­Faire is the Chief Minister of the World Foreign Bank. He is a domineering man, enormously weal...

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Jessy Michaels has an oral fixation. She likes it when she has something big in her mouth. And she likes it when she gets her face all messy. She likes it sloppy and dripping wet. Jessy is a college student. She sees a therapist because she has anxiety about her grades. After the therapist hypnotizes her, she realizes she can use her mouth to get good grades. She can use her mouth to get anything she wants. She can pay bills, have school papers written, even find a rich boyfriend, all by putting things in her mouth. But when two professors catch her cheating, she’ll have to use more than just her mouth to save herself from being kicked out of school.

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This is a sample of a longer book. You can now get the entire ebook for FREE on Smashwords.­com. Click the link inside the book to go to the Humiliated Teacher page on Smashwords.

Just how low will Mrs. Heath go?

Karen Heath is the new teac...

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This is a teaser sample of a much longer, super hot, erotic story of domination. Be warned - it contains sexual humiliation, public sex, bestiality, and lots of other things your mother never dared warn you about. It is FOR ADULTS ONLY.

Just ...

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This is the FULL BOOK. Michael and Rachel were lovers their freshman year in college. They broke up when Rachel left to spend a year in Paris, and Michael dropped out of school. Now, twenty years later, Rachel is a divorced mother of two young da...

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Graphic, kinky, torrid sex. ADULTS ONLY.

The Baby Sister. Her big sister just brought home a black man.

Mia and Lacey are rich, spoiled, entitled young women. As little girls, they used to share everything. But now, as adults, they’re ri...

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Gabrielle is the young, sexually frustrated trophy wife of a notorious, and vastly wealthy international gangster. One night she is driving home, drunk and nude, covered only in body paint, when a big cop pulls her over. At first, it seems the cop will use her for his pleasure. But soon, Gabrielle turns the tables on him. This book includes the bonus story, Spanking Amber.

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Just how low will Miley’s cuckold husband Daniel go? Daniel allows himself to be tied-­up while another man - rich, crude and hugely well-­endowed Bob Krayne - sexually dominates young Miley. First, big Bob makes the humiliated and miserably-­aroused Daniel watch him use Miley in every way. But he doesn't stop there. Soon, Bob takes Miley and Daniel past every limit they thought they had.

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Big Foot has been captured in the great north woods. Taken to Los Angeles, he is kept locked in a cage, where every woman who catches his scent must have sex with him. He is moved to a mansion on Mulholland Drive, where a showdown with the cuckolded Dr. Stark leads to a public reaming for Stark's wife Tessa, and an orgy of epic proportions for the Slaves of Big Foot.

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