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A former intelligence professional sheds new light on the obscure intersection of the military and the paranormal-­the Military-­Occult Complex-­and reveals the incredible story of psychic abilities turned into a weapon of war by the world's soldiers and spies. In the annals of military and espionage history there have been many strange tales to be told, but none can match the saga of psychic espionage-­the history of the Military-­Occult Complex. With the flavor of fiction, but the foundation of fact, is the complete history of the use of man's extrasensory powers in search of the information needed to win wars-­hot and cold. spans the five thousand-­year history of ESPionage, from the attempted overthrow of the Pharaoh Rameses by magic to the CIA use of military-­trained psychics during the Cold War. It is a story as true as it is incredible. This book reveals the story of the sacred Templar skull; the Angelic communications of John Dee, intelligence agent of Queen Elizabeth I; the . . .

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