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Volume 5 of the omnibus series begins immediately after Season 3, after Sunnydale High has gone up in flames. Buffy is plagued by dreams of fellow Slayer Faith, who now lies in a coma. Jane Espenson, the celebrated writer from the TV show, writes the powerful Faith story. And as summer comes to an end, Buffy and Willow begin their first year of college in, a story written by acclaimed novelist Christopher Golden. Meanwhile, Buffy embarks on a new romance with Riley Finn, and Willow and Oz's relationship comes to an end in Golden's. This volume also features work by Season 8 contributors Cliff Richards, Paul Lee, and Brian Horton. This book collects,,,, "Take Back the Night" from, and "Killing Time" from #150.

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Books of Various (Writer), Various (Artist) Joss Whedon