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If Civil War battlefields saw vast carnage the Northern home-­front was itself far from tranquil. Fierce political debates set communities on edge spurred secret plots against the Union and triggered widespread violence such as the New York City draft riots. And at the heart of all this turmoil stood Northern anti-­war Democrats nicknamed "Copperheads.­" Now Jennifer L. Weber offers the first full-­length portrait of this powerful faction to appear in almost half a century. Weber reveals how the Copperheads came perilously close to defeating Lincoln and ending the war in the South's favor. Indeed by the summer of 1864 they had grown so strong that Lincoln himself thought his defeat was "exceedingly likely.­" Passionate defenders of civil liberties and states' rights--­and often virulent racists--­the Copperheads deplored Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus his liberal interpretation of the Constitution and most vehemently his moves toward emancipation. Weber reveals how the battle . . .

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Books of Jennifer L. Weber;­James M. McPherson