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It's been four long years since college student Avery Callahan went missing, leaving a host of unanswered questions behind her on a lonely stretch of road in upstate New York. In the space of just eighteen minutes—between the moment Avery was last seen, and when police found her abandoned vehicle—the area's most curious cold case was born. Time has passed, but there's still nothing to go on—no leads, no evidence, and no trace of the missing woman. Even her family's steadfast hope is wearing thin, and in what could amount to a final attempt to learn the truth, former NYPD detective John Starett is hired to take another look at a case that has made its way to the bottom of everyone else's pile. Starett isn’t stupid. He knows that if the police couldn’t find Avery then, he is unlikely to find her now. But since he’d otherwise spend his days dwelling on how he left the NYPD to make his wife happy—the success of which can currently be measured in alimony payments—this case seems as . . .

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The first in an exciting new series, Betty Fedora is an anthology of short crime stories featuring kickass women.

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