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An enduring urban legend is the story of the phantom hitchhiker. Young or old male or female in need of help or just needing a ride the legends vary. A helpful driver offers a ride and the passenger gives directions. When they arrive at the destination the passenger vanishes sometimes leaving behind a memento to mark their passing. A stormy night a deserted country road a blown tire and a woman on the run from a killer. Is the handsome young Marine here to save her? Or is he just a figment of her imagination?­Casey is caught between a murderer a ghost and the wounded soldier who could save her life or break her heart. Grant can deal with Thanksgiving snowstorms and determined killers but not his brother's ghost and not a woman who makes him start thinking about the future. Can Grant let go of the past to embrace the explosive passion he finds with Casey? He's willing to risk his life for hers but what about his heart?

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