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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-­shifters, HEA] Theone is a prisoner at one of the notorious Pleasure Domes scattered throughout Voluptus Prime. He contacts a stranger through his dreamscape, a man he only knows as Kellan. Theone knows that if he doesn't escape with a little help, he's as good as dead. Kellan Scarzdale has been hopping in and out of men's beds for as long as he can remember. Disturbing dreams of a stranger's pleas forces Kellan to travel light-­years to the paradise planet, Voluptus Prime, where he hopes to save the man who stirs his inner beast. Facing numerous problems, like deactivating a Debt Manacle, Kellan's shuttle exploding, escaping the Pleasure Dome, and finding a safe place to hide, Kellan and Theone face a greater challenge. In a moment of weakness, Kellan bites Theone, triggering his Mating Heat and binding him and Theone forever. Will their growing love keep them together or will Fate lead them down . . .

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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-­Fi, M/M, shape-­shifters, spanking, HEA] Lennox Ursa has a problem. When he turns one hundred years old, he'll undergo his species' Maturity Cycle. Since he's single and practically celibate, the chances of him finding a mate in the next few hours to stop an agonizing transition into adulthood is nil. In a desperate attempt to save his life and soul, the Lycan King sends Lennox to the remote planet Ooroon. Neophyte of the Bengardi order, Theolle has his own problems to deal with than taking care of a Newcomer. Bad things happen to him when he heals and he knows this warrior will hurt him the most. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a choice since the head of the order issues an orderfor Theolle to save the warrior. Reluctant, Theolle obeys, but discovers something terrifying about the Newcomer. There is something about Lennox that will alter their fates. Only if Theolle is brave enough to sacrifice his sanity for the warrior. . . .

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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-­Fi Romance, M/M, shape-­shifters, HEA] Cage fighter by necessity, Squeak dodges the henchmen sent by his boss. He hides out at The Crossroad Bar and manages to have hot dirty sex with a stranger. Unfortunately, something inside of Squeak is unleashed when bitten on the shoulder.­Terrified with the excruciating pain, Squeak flees into the night oblivious to the mating bite. Commander Tynan Rhys is tired and wants to return to the Lycan Home world. The Crossroad Bar is the last stop on his mission, and he fears it's another wild goose chase. A neon green cap catches his eye, and he soon finds himself with a little imp that makes his blood burn with lust. Due for a quick hookup, Tynan seduces the gorgeous man, but when his canines drop with the uncontrollable urge to bite, all thoughts of his mission are lost. Tynan realises too late that he claimed one of the missing Lycan princes, and now faces a death sentence. ** A Siren . . .

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