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This super sexy 40,­000 word bundle includes all three titles of the Bonds of Marriage Series: My Husband’s Mistress, Punished By My Husband’s Mistress, and Submitting To My Husband’s Mistress. The bundle includes scenes of cuckqueaning, voyeurism, BDSM, spanking, MFf ménage, and humiliation.

During the six months of their marriage, Alexandra learned to serve Michael as the perfect submissive wife, but her husband has one final lesson to teach. Michael brings home another woman, a beautiful woman named Jocelyn, and he orders Alex to watch as he takes his mistress. Alex knows his needs must come before hers, but nothing is worse than watching her husband with another woman. That is, until Alex submits to her shameful curiosity and admits her place is beside their bed.

But Jocelyn’s presence in their home excites Alex, especially as she serves Michael in ways Alex can’t. Alex eagerly learns how best to please Michael, but she begins to fall for her sexy mistress. When Jocelyn . . .

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A Fertile Arrangement – The Accidental Surrogate #2

**This 12,­000 word short features cuckqueaning (female cuckolding), a MFf ménage, bisexual lesbian encounters, and a very fertile protagonist**

Emma knew offering her body as surrogate to Madison and Luke would be difficult, but falling for her employers complicates an already complicated relationship. When her pregnancy test comes back negative, Madison promises Emma will be taken again and again until Luke conquers her fertility. But Emma fears her growing attraction for Luke and his wife might ruin their arrangement and the couple’s perfect marriage.

Madison and Luke aren’t willing to let Emma escape. Madison seduces Emma and convinces their innocent surrogate to stay, and Luke eagerly seizes her willing womb once more. She gives herself willingly, but Emma worries what will happen when Luke finally claims her body in the ultimate submission.

Emma can’t deny her feelings for the married couple. To promise her . . .

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Polyamorous Series, Bonds of Marriage #2: This 15k word story features cuckqueaning, spanking, voyeurism, and anal sex. Alex wants to be a perfect wife, but she fears offering her most secret place for her husband’s pleasure, and Michael’s mistress is eager to please him. Alex watches as her husband takes his lover and realizes she wants to submit her most vulnerable place for their enjoyment.

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Polyamorous Series – Bonds of Marriage #1: This 10,­000 word story features female cuckolding, voyeurism, and BDSM. Alex learned to serve Michael as the perfect submissive wife, but, when he brings home his mistress, Alex is humiliated by his final lesson. Michael’s needs come before hers, but nothing can be worse than watching his affair...­that is, until Alex submits to her shameful curiosity.

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Polyamorous Series-­Bonds of Marriage #3: This 12k word story features cuckqueaning, voyeurism, and bdsm threesomes. Alex submits to her husband and his mistress, even listening over the phone as Michael takes his lover at work. But when Jocelyn threatens to end their perfect ménage, Alex must prove her devotion to her husband and his mistress to ensure Jocelyn joins their marriage permanently.

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A Fertile Proposition – The Accidental Surrogate #1

**This 15,­500 word short features cuckqueaning (female cuckolding), a MFf ménage, and a very fertile and innocent protagonist**

Emma entered the job interview hoping to become an assistant to the beautiful and regal Madison Remington. But Madison and her husband, Luke, offer the innocent Emma a far more intriguing proposition.

Madison is unable to give Luke a child, but twenty year old Emma is young, timid, and perfectly fertile. Though they’ve interviewed other surrogates, Emma is the only woman Luke and Madison desire, and they’ll offer anything in exchange for her virtue and fertility.

Emma is desperate for financial security, and offering her body will provide everything she’s ever needed, including a warm bed nestled between the married couple. Madison promises she’ll be there every second, watching as her husband takes Emma’s unclaimed womb, but Emma must decide if she can admit her darkest fantasies and . . .

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Surrender Series – Wedded Bliss #2. This 10,­000 word short features dubcon scenes. After a demanding wedding night, Charlotte looks to start again on her honeymoon. With the stress of the ceremony and wedding night passed, she asks Adam for time to recover from their rough first night. But Adam accuses her of selfishly teasing him, and teaches her not to test the boundaries of their new marriage.

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