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Nothing has fazed Logan Payne in his entire
career as a bodyguard. That is, until he's tasked with protecting his biggest
enemy. Stacy Kozminski isn't too thrilled about having to work with Logan
either, but when attempts are made on her life, she knows he is her only hope
if she wants to survive. 

Soon, a target is placed on both their
backs, and they have no choice but to stage an engagement to protect one
another. Logan won't let Stacy out of his sight. But is it because he doesn't
want to fail his assignment…or because he's come to care for the gutsy and
gorgeous woman—the only woman who's ever gone toe-­to-­toe with him?

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An injury takes professional hockey player Brooks Hoover off the ice and back to his Michigan hometown to recuperate and map out his future... which wasn't supposed to include fatherhood! It isn't every day a man finds a baby on his doorstep. A baby who just might be his.

And that's not his only surprise....

In high school, Priscilla Andrews was a prim and proper sort of girl, but now she's all grown up--­definitely his type of woman. She's also Brooks's new boss! Between coaching the high school hockey team, caring for an abandoned infant and sharing domestic duties with the alluring assistant principal, Brooks is starting to think he's more of a family-­man type than a big-­time sports star.

But is a man who's used to the limelight ready to settle down?

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Series : Book 2 of "Royal Bodyguards"
Passion, peril and a princess in hiding Forced into hiding after a threat to her life, Princess Gabriella St. Pierre must protect both herself and her unborn child. Working at an orphanage, the princess tries to suppress memories of a passionate night long ago with Whit Howell?­her father's royal bodyguard and a man she never thought she'd see again. When an attempted abduction occurs as Princess Gabriella is leaving the orphanage, Whit rescues her and vows to keep her safe. But how can he shepherd the princess back to her country without knowing who is orchestrating these attacks?­and why? It is the most important mission of his life?­and he'd risk everything to save the one woman he can't live without.

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Strong, handsome and crossing a dangerous line! An expert at catching bank robbers, FBI special agent Blaine Campbell isn't sure who to trust. He's just rescued the beautiful assistant manager from being abducted by robbers--­but was it an inside job? What if pregnant Maggie Jenkins wasn't a hostage but a co-­conspirator? After several harrowing attempts on the young widow's life, the steely Blaine relies on his instincts: Maggie wasn't involved. The only thing she's guilty of stealing is his heart. Risking his life to find Maggie's would-­be killers has become more than a job. She and her unborn child could be the future he never imagined for himself. All he has to do is keep her alive.

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Payne Protection's latest hire has a secret agenda...­but his heart keeps getting in the way! Digital security specialist Nikki Payne is eager to prove herself. So when former marine Lars Ecklund asks for her help in tracking down his sister, Nikki happily volunteers her services. But she doesn't anticipate falling for her role as nanny and bodyguard to a baby they're protecting...­or uncovering a raging hunger for guarded Lars. To find out what happened to his sibling, Lars must get into a fortified mansion at any cost and track down an elusive lawyer. But his fierce desire for Nikki is complicating everything. Putting the stunning spitfire in danger doesn't sit easily with him, yet he has no choice if he's to reclaim his sister—­or create a future with this new family.

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Series : Book 3 of "Cowboys Royale"
Prince Sebastian Cavanaugh knew a frightened witness when he saw one, and Jessica Peters was it. Not that he blamed her. The moment she came forward to offer the information he was seeking, bullets started flying and someone tried to put a price on his head. Now, protecting Jessica and her four-­year-­old daughter came fi rst and he wasn't leaving Wyoming until they were safe. But Jessica claimed there was much more to the danger and that her past had fi nally caught up with her. With too many people hell-­bent on silencing the beautiful single mom, Sebastian marveled at her strength and determination to survive. Qualities that would make her an exceptional princess…

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A bride on the run...­and a killer on the prowl...­When FBI special agent Dalton Reyes discovers an amnesiatic injured bride in the trunk of a car, his protective instincts kick into high gear. Who is this mysterious redhead? And why is someone going to such great lengths to kill her? When a man claiming to be her fiance steps forward, Dalton can't ignore his jealously... and his fear that that her betrothed isn't who he seems. But as Elizabeth - his beautiful charge - faces the dark truth of her past, Dalton must keep her and her two-­year-­old adopted daughter safe from the evil forces determined to reclaim them both...

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Series : Book 2.­0 of "Outlaws"
Jedidiah Kleyn had been convicted because Erica Towsley hadn't come forward. So the night he escaped from prison, it was with one thing in mind—find Erica and make her clear his name. But the moment he laid eyes on the angelic beauty, his hatred was overwhelmed by the ferocity of his still-­burning desire. And then he saw the child—his child. He'd thought that proving his innocence was all that mattered. But whoever had framed him was now targeting Erica and his little girl. And as the woman he'd blamed and the child he'd never known laid claim to his heart, Jed would risk anything to protect them. Because now there was nothing more important than his family…not his freedom, not even his life.

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