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Sarah has lived with her step-­Daddy nearly her entire life, but he's never seen her body. She so much wants him to see how beautiful she’s become. Maybe if she shows him her nude photos, it could be the beginning of a new and more intimate relationship. This is an erotic story, full of love, illustrated with the Sarah’s photos so you, too, can see what a beautiful grown-­up woman she's become.

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This is the story of Jill, who is blessed with an AA-­size chest. Why do I say "blessed?­" Let's just say she has exhibitionist opportunities the rest of us can only dream of! Public exhibitionism is great fun, but there's more fun to be had. Maybe all that modesty around her family should be forgotten. And what will her brother do? Contains explicit sex, with lots of love and a big dose of humor.

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All Mom ever taught Angela was that sex is evil and disgusting. So what is a newly-­married girl supposed to do in bed with the young man she loves? Lucky for her, she has a step-­father she adores. He welcomes her to his home, eventually leading to some hands-­on advice. CAUTION: This is an erotic daddy-­daughter romance with very explicit and taboo descriptions of sex and nudity.

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Sometimes a girl just needs a real man. Kayla is sick of the college boys she's been dating. She needs a grown man, not a boy, and she knows just the right one. Her handsome, successful step-­dad loves her dearly, and a daddy-­daughter vacation to a beautiful beach resort sets the mood for a perfect seduction. This is an erotic romance, with very explicit sex and daddy-­daughter taboo. No BDSM.

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What could be more romantic and erotic than making love with somebody you've loved all your life? This is the story of Maggie and her step-­dad. For years, Maggie has fantasized about making love with him, but she knew it could never be real. Fantasies never come true, do they? CAUTION: This is an erotic romance, with very explicit sex and daddy-­daughter taboo. No BDSM or dominance.

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Is this an erotic comedy, a kinky love story, or just a very explicit erotic story? Maybe all three. The star of the story is Abigail, a high-­school senior who is -- how can I say this delicately -- oversexed? slutty? nymphomaniac? Her best friend Artie and his friends have arranged a birthday celebration for her, with a series of sexual surprises, each one more outrageous than the last.

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Her name is Courtney, but her friends at school call her Love Bird, a foul-­mouthed tough girl. But at home, she loves nothing more than cuddling up in bed with her brother Nick, to talk and hug. Her school friends are sluts, but she’s waiting for love. But Nick is the only one she loves. Maybe it’s time to stop being Love Bird, stop being a hard-­ass, and stop being a virgin.

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