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A woman in her late thirties with a strict no younger man policy unexpectedly falls for one. Purchase the book at Smashwords.­com 93448 (approximate) 2016 by Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Women's fiction, General English

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This is the Julia Collection containing all 3 novellas in the series:
Teaching Miss Julia (Alpha Male/Virgin Erotic Romance)
Training Julia (Submission and Dominance Erotic Romance)
Taming Julia (Domination and Submission Erotic Romance)
** Warning! Contains BDSM themes, bondage, oral/anal sex, spanking, sex toys, and hot alpha males who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Adults Only! **

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This is the complete Holly Trilogy containing Holly’s Crush
(Book 1), Holly’s Crushed (Book 2) and Holly’s Crushed Out (Book 3).

** Warning! This 21,­675 word lighthearted, sexy trilogy
contains graphic language and explicit sex.  18+ only! **

Holly’s Crush

Holly Greene is a girl with a plan. She leaves everything
behind to make a whole new life for herself, one that does not include her

Her goal is to focus on quality alone time, make some
friends, and explore her new city. The last thing she wants to think about is
another man, especially one with smoky grey eyes and a perfect ass.

When Holly meets her smokin’ hot neighbor, will she be able
to make her body shut-­up long enough to do what her mind wants?

Holly’s Crushed

Holly’s hot new neighbor has a secret. He is starting to get
bored with all the gorgeous women who want in his pants. He must be getting
sick or maybe he’s just getting old – what else could it be?   

Meanwhile, Holly finds that she is . . .

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Ian Blackwell loves his life with Julia; she is unlike any other woman he has ever known: lustful, yet innocent.
Ian delights in pushing her sexual boundaries, knowing just how much she can and cannot handle, but her pleasure is vital to him and he knows that with power comes responsibility.
Can Ian show Julia an entirely new world and fulfill both their needs?

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Julia is a natural-­born submissive; restraints have never made her feel so free.
Her husband knows exactly how far to push Julia’s limits, knows what she needs to break down all her ingrained barriers.
It disturbs her greatly when the unthinkable happens and she finds herself lusting after another man.
Can Julia resist the terrifying power he holds over her or will she succumb to temptation?

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When Julia asks Mr. Blackwell to instruct her on everything he knows about the Art of Lovemaking, and ultimately taking her innocence, he is intrigued.
When he learns just how sweet and pure she really is, he is hesitant.
Mr. Blackwell is not used to taking it slow.
Will he be able to control himself around her exquisite body long enough in order to teach her everything she needs to know?

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Two things will forever stand out in Jenna’s mind when she thinks about that cold, snowy December day: The mysterious package and the marriage proposal.
Her long-­term boyfriend loves her, but would love it even more if she were thinner.
Her BFF thinks she’s perfect just the way she is.
After her life-­changing week, and two hot men, the only thing she does know is that she’ll never be the same.

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Julia has everything she could want in her marriage - so why is she consumed with cravings for another man? Her husband, Ian, tells her to go to him; he cannot possess Julia heart, mind, body and soul until she figures out the power Jonathan has over her. Is her attraction a case of forbidden fruit or does it go deeper? Warning! Contains strong BDSM themes and graphic language. Adults only!

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