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"The Werewolf Megapack" collects 22 classic and modern tales of shape-­shifters (and not just wolves!­) -- including works by Jay Lake, Jack Williamson, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, John Gregory Betancourt, Rudyard Kipling, Saki, and many more. Included are: LEOPARD, by Jay Lake GABRIEL-­ERNEST, by Saki SYMPATHY FOR WOLVES, by John Gregory Betancourt THE DRONE, by Abraham Merritt THE WERE-­WOLF, by Clemence Housman AND BOB’S YOUR UNCLE, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro THE MARK OF THE BEAST, by Rudyard Kipling DUMPSTER DIVING, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman THE WEREWOLF, by Eugene Field THE WOLF, by Guy de Maupassant WOLVES OF DARKNESS, by Jack Williamson THE MAN WHO WAS CHANGED INTO A CROW, by P’u Sung-­ling HUGUES, THE WER-­WOLF, by Sutherland Menzies THE WHITE WOLF OF THE HARTZ MOUNTAINS, by Frederick Marryat THE SHE-­WOLF, by Saki MORRAHA, by Joseph Jacobs THE OTHER SIDE: A BRETON LEGEND, by Eric Stenbock THE WHITE WOLF OF KOSTOPCHIN, by Sir Gilbert Campbell THE WOLF LEADER, by Alexandre Dumas THE HUNTER’S . . .

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