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A bond of love between Grandfather and Grandson shattered by death from cancer; a boy's fall into depression and his difficult journey back.

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It's 1967, in the small fishing village of Trinity Bay Bluffs Newfoundland, ten-­year-­old Derek heads to his Grandfather's for their usual Friday night supper - only to find him unconscious on the bedroom floor.
Ol' Salt never recovers and the news, days later from the hospital, reveals he has cancer with only a short time to live.
Derek's heartbreak begins as he watches his Granddad die, reminiscing on the good times together and regretting that all their future dreams and plans was coming to an end. In the daze of the funeral, Derek withdraws from among the hundreds of people who come to visit. Derek never says goodbye, instead, he runs to find himself at the edge of the stormy Bluffs, inches away from a tempting fall...
Can love breach the beyond and reach out to a hurting child to console his loss?
From the shores of the fishing village of Trinity Bay Bluffs, comes the heart-­felt story of one boy’s struggle to find peace with the loss of his granddad.

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