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A holiday turns sour for twenty-­three year old Cassie when she runs into a couple of wolves, who turn out to be shapeshifters. She learns of the existence of a wild gene, which renders human DNA compatible with that of the so called paranormals - ...

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"First I'll tell you what I'm not going to do to you,­" a man tells Jo when she wakes up on his couch after drinking a cup of coffee. She discovers that she is trapped in that apartment until eight the following morning, when she is free to leave the Medor building.
A couple of weeks later her contract is taken over by Medor, and she has to accept her new job or be sued. Jo discovers that she may never really be free to leave.

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You have the wild gene. And that means trouble. Terrible trouble. But not yet. Give it another dozen years or so, and they will come for you. The wolves. The bloodfeeders. Whoever finds you first. The witches' expression hardens, anger flashing in her eyes. And they take without asking.

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