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Mia's new job seems easy: cleaning an old mansion for an absentee landlord. Bonus! Her co-­workers are gorgeous. However, all is not as it seems and soon Mia learns that the whole thing may be a scheme to put her on the receiving end of mind-­blowing tentacle sex with an alien intent on gestating her eggs inside Mia.

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"Summoning a succubus is an exciting but dangerous spell! Use it to impress your friends or torment your enemies!

With the right ingredients and the proper preparation you can create a magic circle that will hold her indefinitely and bind her power to your will. When properly controlled, a succubus makes a dangerous decoration for your evil lair, or you can spend the magic of the circle extracting a wish from her!

But be warned: succubi are tricky and difficult to control!

Do not, under any circumstances, do what she asks of you. And definitely do not enter the circle once it's complete! Only doom will come from that.­"

Summoning the succubus is a erotic horror novella featuring futa-­on-­female in a variety of positions.

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Miyuki Smith has found herself in a loveless marriage at 21, realizing the man of her dreams cares more about his beers and boys than her. When they are suddenly abducted by a quartet of well-­endowed aliens, Miyuki has a choice: remain faithful to a forgotten dream and her marriage vows, or surrender to her wildest desires?

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Warning! Adults only! Alien Queen is an erotic novel containing explicit lesbian sex, alien impregnation, extraterrestrial childbirth and much much more!

Claire is getting bored of small town life: the same old routine, the same people and no real options for a sizzling romantic future. And then Zoey walks in: ethereal, beautiful and completely attracted to Claire.

Their chance encounter turns into a wild, erotic night.

The consequences of that one night soon spiral out of control as Claire finds her sex drive wildly increased, and only a certain woman will do. More strange nights with Zoey lead to a shocking revelation: Claire is pregnant... with aliens!

At first it's the best thing that has happened to her, giving her meaning and validation beyond anything she has experienced so far, but soon she is drawn into an interstellar conflict where the prize is her unborn children! The CIA, two alien empires and a band of plucky rebels are all coming for her and she must . . .

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Freya, Frankie and Elsie are three beautiful coeds on a trip through rural England.

On Halloween night they discover a simmering sexual tension between themselves and soon decide to explore what wild pleasures they can indulge in. That same day, Freya finds a book that supposedly contains a ritual to call forth a demon prince. Convinced it's fake but driven to try it out anyway, what happens next will change all three of their lives forever!

Summoning the Demon Prince is a work of erotic horror featuring bisexual, group and demon sex. It is loosely related to Summoning the Succubus but you can enjoy either one without reading the other!

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Warning! Adults only! This tale contains vivid scenes of tentacle sex, masturbation, instant alien impregnation, alien massage, egg laying, lactation, extraterrestrial childbirth and more!

Everything has been building to this! In the thrilling conclusion to the Alien Brood series, the women of Hawthorn Manor come face-­to-­face with the two biggest threats to their alien lovers!

Mia and London are racing against time to find Lexxi, only to discover that they are woefully underprepared for what they're about to face. The sinister group which has been plotting against the Tnocia for longer than any of the women knows has set the final stage of its plan in motion and Lexxi is going to be the first casualty of their dark obsession! Are baseball bats and pluck going to be enough to take down two trained killers and their guns?

Meanwhile, Margrete and Madison must face a much bigger and yet more mundane threat. The University President! Sara Morningside has made it her goal to . . .

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Warning! Adults only! This book contains graphic scenes of tentacle sex, alien impregnation, steamy masturbation, lesbian encounters, lactation, extraterrestrial childbirth and so much more.

The entire Alien Brood series, collected in one single electronic Boxed Set!

- Alien Brood -

Mia is flat broke and running out of options when she stumbles across a strange but tempting job ad. $35 an hour, no experience necessary? It seems too good to be true!

Things start to get weird immediately: Hawthorn manor is a crumbling mansion in the middle of a creepy swamp and it appears there are only two other people living there. Margrete, the beautiful and enigmatic head maid, and Madison, the gorgeous chef who makes meals that could win Michelin stars.

Why do they stay here in the middle of nowhere, where there isn't even good cell reception?

Mia's first night is full of even stranger occurrences. She wakes to find Madison and Margrete together in bed, and then Mia finds . . .

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Warning! Adults only! This 6000 word tale contains gender swap, feminization, explicit gender bent sex, massage oil and a grumpy hostess.

Jackson was on top of the world: just starting his professional football career, in the best shape of his life, dating a wonderful woman. After she broke up with him, things haven't been the same. He's lot his attitude, he's put on some weight and now he's in danger of losing his contract!

The coach suggests he get a "happy ending" massage, but little does he know that the Jealous Massage parlor has a special oil which can swap your gender with your masseuse. Can Jackson let go and learn to love his new body, and maybe find his confidence again?

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As You Wish It is an erotic journey of spanking, domestic discipline and much more, set in the opulent manor houses of Napoleonic France!
Monique is the daughter of a seamstress and a great beauty who is very much naïve when it comes to relationships between men and women.
Louis is a reclusive noble who spends most of his days in Paris, serving Napoleon and enriching his own estate.
Their marriage seems to be one of convenience for him but when her mother's marital bed advice goes wonderfully awry, Monique finds herself on a wild, erotic journey into just what it means to be Louis’ wife. Guided by his strong hand, firm discipline and exotic tastes, she soon finds the true meaning of devotion, desire and lust.

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