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20 books of Geri Foster

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Penelope Stubblefield is hiding in Magic, New Mexico until time for her to testify in a murder trail where she witnessed a drug cartel leader kill a woman and child. As a mind reader, she uses her gift to read fortunes under the alias, Mystic Star. Little does she know that the real Mystic Star, Princess of Exeoni, is also hiding in Magic.
Altair of Vion is bred to be a Warrior of the Realm. As high commander, it’s his duty to protect the Kingdom and its people. When Prince Ronic’s future bride flees her planet, the king sends Altair to find her. Curious as to why the princess wants escaped their marriage, Ronic goes with Altair. They learn Mystic Star is in Magic, New Mexico.
Killers are sent from a distant planet arrive on earth with intentions to kidnap the princess but Altair is afraid they might take the wrong Mystic Star. Can a man who knows only war find love on Earth? Can he save them all from those who want to harm them?

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Falcon Securities Agent Brody Hawke sees the world from a tilted angle. His best friend, A.­J., who saved Brody’s life is captured and diplomats are getting nowhere in his rescue.­CIA agent Kate Stone is fighting for her job and sanity after a failed attack in Iraq. Can Brody and Kate find true love in the mist of all the chaos? And can Brody accept what Kate revels about his past.

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Falcon Securities Agent Tony Archuletta has lost his memory and a CIA operative is being held captive by a lethal group of terrorists out to destroy America. Abby Williams is a reporter who happens to be at the wrong place at the right time. Can Tony and Abby race against time to save the CIA operative? Or do these two souls who are meant to be part with just a handful of memories?

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Falcon Securities Agent Jake Taylor has been sent to protect a young woman who’s out to avenge the murder of her DEA brother. Jake uncovers a conspiracy of corrupt politicians and government employees. To complicate matters, an Afghan extremist is involved.

Tessa Adams is determined to kill Antonio Ramirez, the Mascota Cartel drug lord who murdered her brother. While working undercover on her own, she not only steals the killer’s money, but uncovers valuable information that can either put him away for life...­or send her to a watery grave. The only person she can trust is the Falcon agent who promises to protect her.

Can Jake and Tessa find the homegrown terrorist who threatens American shores in time to save the lives of millions? Can Jake bury the past and find happiness? Will love break the hold revenge has on Tessa’s heart? In the midst of destruction, corruption, and lies, can these two people find the love they deserve, or will they lose everything?

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Lexi Ryan wants her boyfriend to propose, so when his business sends him to Las Vegas, she follows. Dressed in a sexy teddy and carrying a half empty bottle of bubbly, Lexi manages to get locked out of her room. Jack Harrison is in Vegas with two friends celebrating his birthday.­When a beautiful woman dressed for sex knocks on his door, he's more than willing to enjoy his birthday gift.

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Zoe Ross turned her life around two years ago with the help of her dead father’s ex CIA partner, Frank Hamilton, CEO of Falcon Securities. After rehab and a life changing seminar, she works now for the man who saved her from the throes of hell. One night Zoe is kidnapped by a band of Croatian’s hoping to hold her captive until her boss refuses to testify against their leader who’s on trial for crimes against humanity. She’s alone and defenseless but the man she loves, Falcon agent, A.­J. Roddio, is determined to find her at all cost. A.­J. has been a Falcon agent long enough to know he has to find Zoe quickly. His boss is furious that anyone would lay hands on Zoe and tell A.­J. to do whatever is necessary to save her life. A.­J. is emotionally shattered at the thought of anything happening to the woman he loves. Can he find her in time? A.­J. and Zoe must outmaneuver a cunning murderer determined to destroy their boss, and get away with the slaughter of innocent women and children. . . .

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