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"Such dupes are men to custom, and so prone To reverence what is ancient, and can plead A course of long observance for its use, That even servitude, the worst of ills, Because delivered down from sire to son, Is kept and guarded as a sacred thing. But is it fit or can it bear the shock Of rational discussion, that a man Compounded and made up, like other men, Of elements tumultuous, in whom lust And folly in as ample measure meet, As in the bosom of the slave he rules, Should be a despot absolute, and boast Himself the only freeman of his land?­" Cowper.

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2014年、第86回アカデミー賞作品賞受賞作、全部門のノミネート作品「それでも夜­は明ける」の原作(原題"12 Years a Slave")。


2014年7月、日本図書館協会により「選定図書」一般部門に選定(分類289.­3 14030854)。

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Twelve Years A Slave: Original Edition - With Bonus of Uncle Tom's Cabin and Original illustrations

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This new edition includes:

* Solomon Northup's memoir
* Illustrations from the original publication, as well as
* Additional illustrations that bring the story to life!

Read the memoir that inspired the film that won Best Picture at the 2014 Academy Awards!

Follow the gripping true account of the author, Solomon Northup, a free black man, kidnapped, sold into, and delivered out of, slavery.

“It is better than the film … A testament to the glory of the human spirit in triumph over the worst of human abuse.­” - Daily Telegraph

"This is no fiction, no exaggeration. If I have failed in anything, it has been in presenting to the reader too prominently the bright side of the picture. I doubt not hundreds have been as unfortunate as myself; that hundreds of free citizens have been kidnapped and sold into slavery, and are at this moment wearing out their lives on plantations...­" - Solomon Northup, _­Twelve Years a Slave_

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Solomon Northup was born a free man in New York State. At the age of 33 he was kidnapped in Washington D.­C. and placed in an underground slave pen. Northup was transported by ship to New Orleans where he was sold into slavery. He spent the next 12 years working as a carpenter, driver, and cotton picker. This narrative reveals how Northup survived the harsh conditions of slavery, including smallpox, lashings, and an attempted hanging. Solomon Northup was among a select few who were freed from slavery. His account describes the daily life of slaves in Louisiana, their diet and living conditions, the relationship between master and slave, and how slave catchers used to recapture runaways. Northup's first person account published in 1853, was a dramatic story in the national debate over slavery that took place in the nine years leading up to the start of the American Civil War

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In this enhanced/authenticated edition by Dr. Sue Eakin of the riveting true slave narrative that reads like a novel, you are transported to 1840’s New York, Washington, D.­C., and Louisiana to experience the kidnapping and twelve years of bondage of Solomon Northup, a free man of color. TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE, published in 1853, was an immediate bombshell in the national debate over slavery leading up to the Civil War. It validated Harriett Beecher Stowe’s fictional account of Southern slavery in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which significantly changed public opinion in favor of abolition. Now a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt, you can sync this e-­book with our Movie Tie-­in Audiobook performed by Oscar and Emmy winner Louis Gossett, Jr. Northup’s harrowing true story was authenticated from decades of research by award-­winning historian and journalist Dr. Sue Eakin, who rediscovered the narrative in 1931 as an adolescent and made it her life’s work. Dr. Eakin’s enhanced e-­book . . .

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Das Buch zum Film, erstmals in einer deutschen Übersetzung. Es handelt sich hier um Teil 1 von drei Bänden.

Mittlerweile ist die vollständige Ausgabe in einem Band erschienen: »Zwölf Jahre als Sklave – 12 Years A Slave«, ASIN: B00IOZLT30, zum Einführungspreis für 2,­99 €

Bibliophile Ausgabe mit den Illustrationen der Erstausgabe von 1853 und Anmerkungen

»Zwölf Jahre als Sklave« (»Twelve Years A Slave«) ist die bewegende Autobiografie eines frei geborenen schwarzen Amerikaners, der entführt und versklavt wurde, ehe ihm endlich die Flucht gelang.

Solomon Northup lebt mit Frau und Kindern in Saratoga im Bundesstaat New York und hält sich mit kleinen Handwerksjobs und Geigenspiel über Wasser, bis er 1841 zwei Fremde kennenlernt, die ihn mit dem Versprechen eines Engagements als Zirkusmusiker nach Washington locken – damals eine Drehscheibe des Sklavenhandels in den USA. Die beiden betäuben ihn und verkaufen ihn an einen Plantagenbesitzer in Louisiana; schließlich landet er . . .

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LISTEN TO THE AUDIOBOOK FOR FREE: http:­//bit.­do/12yearsaudiobook

Twelve Years a Slave (1853) is a memoir and slave narrative by Solomon Northup, as told to and edited by David Wilson. Northup, a black man who was born free in New York, details his kidnapping in Washington, D.­C. and subsequent sale into slavery. After having been kept in bondage for 12 years in Louisiana by various masters, Northup was able to write to friends and family in New York, who were in turn able to secure his release. Northup's account provides extensive details on the slave markets in Washington, D.­C. and New Orleans and describes at length cotton and sugar cultivation on major plantations in Louisiana.

The work was published by Derby & Miller of Auburn, New York,­[1] soon after Harriet Beecher Stowe's best-­selling novel about slavery, Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852), to which it lent factual support. Northup's book, dedicated to Stowe, sold 30,­000 copies, making it a bestseller in its own right.­[2] . . .

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" It is a mistaken opinion that prevails in some quarters that the slave does not understand the term— does not comprehend the idea of freedom. Even on Bayou Boeuf, where I conceive slavery exists in its most abject and cruel form—where it exhibits features altogether unknown in more northern States— the most ignorant of them generally know full well its meaning.­" (Solomon Northup)

"In the following pages, the words slave and slavery are not used in the sense commonly understood by the abolitionists. With them these terms are contradistinguished from servants and servitude. According to their definition, a slave is merely a "chattel" in a human form; a thing to be bought and sold, and treated worse than a brute; a being without rights, privileges, or duties. Now, if this is a correct definition of the word, we totally object to the term, and deny that we have any such institution as slavery among us.­" (MISS PORT GIBSON)

Two ways of thinking, one topic: slavery. Discover a . . .

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Dies ist Band 3 der Trilogie "Zwölf Jahre Ein Sklave", die detailgetreue Übersetzung des Bestsellers "12 Years A Slave", verfilmt 2013, bereits heute ausgezeichnet mit dem Golden Globe als Bester Film und einer der ersten Anwärter auf den Oscar. N...

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