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When black sails appear on the horizon, Catherine St. Claire knows she's in trouble. These are no ordinary pirates, in search of cargo to steal and captives to ransom. The ship bearing down on her is the Fang, crewed by bloodthirsty, plundering monsters in search of precious booty. They're WEREWOLF PIRATES!­With her own ship sinking beneath the waves, Catherine and her Irish maid are taken captive as the personal prizes and pets of Gregor, the fearsome captain of the monstrous crew. Catherine is repulsed by his brutality and bestial rage, but entranced by his overwhelming, regal strength and powerful, dominant will. As her new captain breaks her down into his willing pet, she breaks him with her beauty, charm, and song. Deep within the monster hides a broken man, and only Catherine can soothe the savage beast.­When Catherine is wounded in a sea battle, Gregor saves her the only way he knows how, by passing the werewolf curse to her- and the first thing a newly afflicted female . . .

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Sherri opted to take the scenic route home, and now finds herself abducted by horny aliens that want to use her in a breeding experiment!

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For generations, it has been the same. All the village girls who have reached their eighteenth year must choose a weirding stone, and whoever takes the black stone will be sent up the mountain to become the plaything of the powerful beast that lurks within.

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