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Dumped, by email no less, on Christmas Eve! Stephanie wanders home, down in the dumps, and flops into bed. She has a long drive ahead of her tomorrow for the traditional family dinner, but she can’t sleep. Suddenly, her collection of stuffed toys springs to life… to stuff her!

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Making a surprise visit home, a young college student makes an astonishing discovery. Her stepsister has a secret. A big secret. A big, hard secret!

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A day at the beach turns into a nightmare when Sarah and her friends are kidnapped by aliens. Stripped and put on an auction block, she’s bought by a monstrous alien with carnal desires.

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When Karen responds to an offer for an interview, she quickly gets in over her head.

The company is Luna Holdings, and the position is assistant to Lilith Chambers, the Vice President of Human Resources. If this were any other company, it would be a plushy job working with an overpaid executive.

Luna Holdings is different- Lilith Chambers is a werewolf, the Vice President of Acquisitions is a vampire, the mail room is a haven of the undead, the marketing department is staffed by goblins, and the accounting department is run by a dragon. The security guards are orcs and the janitors are elves, and the IT department doesn't fight gremlins, they are gremlins. Most of all, Lilith doesn't just want an assistant- Karen quickly discovers that Lilith has more in mind than she lets on, and she's got more between her legs than one would expect.

Lilith has chosen Karen to become the next member of her pack- and her lover. When a night of passion spreads the werewolf curse to Karen, her . . .

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