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Feed your children well ... with more than 200 recipes. With more than 200 recipes specifically created to wean babies from soft foods onto solid "adult" foods when they reach the toddler stage, this indispensable guide teaches parents what their children should be eating and how these foods should be prepared. Includes advice on health and nutritional considerations, such as how various foods affect brain development, how to ensure babies receive the right amount of food, eating solutions for children who won't eat vegetables, fruit, meat, or dairy, and much more. -­More than 200 recipes for babies and toddlers -­The latest information on baby and child nutrition -­How to prepare foods with the necessary vitamins and minerals for your baby or toddler -­A special section for parents wanting to raise vegetarians -­There were more than four million babies born in the U.­S. in 2004

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What's new about the new food pyramids? The release of the USDA's new food pyramids has given rise to thousands of questions. What's "new" about it? How does it work? What nutritional information is relevant? Add to the questions and controversies the fact that the only source for information on the pyramids is the USDA website, which is difficult to use and unavailable to the millions of Americans without computer access. This authoritative, easy-­to-­follow guide is the first to explain the new findings clearly, including each of the pyramids and how to choose one that best suits particular health needs.

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