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Devotional "occasions" or experiences by Irish Catholics form the foundation of this consummate anthropological study of Irish Catholicism. Lawrence Taylor's twenty years of field work in Banagh in south-­west Donegal have yielded rich ethnographic material that is illuminated by wide-­ranging archival sources, vivid renderings of individual experiences, and sympathetic scrutiny of religious questions and theories. In answering questions central to the study of religion (What is it? How do official and popular religions differ? What is the relation between power and meaning, and the roles of political and religious "regimes" in the social construction of religion?­), Taylor draws upon two major theoretical traditions: that of Geertz, Durkheim and Turner, and that of Marx, Foucault and Asad. Basic fears and needs propel the people of south-­west Donegal - and all of us, Taylor contends - to respond creatively to strong personal religious experiences and to invent forms to express . . .

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