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Explore the Rich Mythology of Ancient Greece!

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Have you always wondered why so many people are fascinated with the Greek Gods? Would you like to know more about these remarkable stories? Do you want to be able to share these tales with your friends - and understand others' references to them? If so, then Greek Gods is the book for you!

Greek Gods is available for Download Now.

You will learn about the primordial deities that created the universe, and the famous Titans of old. You will also discover the Olympian gods, and learn some of their many legends!

These stories will help you understand how the Ancient Greeks looked at the world. These tales of life, death, and epic struggle can inspire you, as they have so many throughout history. You'll learn how modern morality has been shaped by these stories of love, hate, passion, betrayal, and power.

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Greek Mythology Guide

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Get ready to get lost in the sands of time and be transported into the ancient Greek Pantheon to witness the power of the gods!

Guide To Ancient Greece, Titans, Greek Gods, Zeus and More!

Learn About...

Primordial Deities

and more!

Olympian Gods

and more!

The Titans

and more!


and more!


Ash Tree Nymphs
and more!

Don't miss this amazing journey through Greek Mythology!
Download NOW to experience an adventure or myth, folklore and fun!

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This book provides an original and fresh insight into Nietzsche’s views on religion, showing that his philosophy can make an important contribution to what is considered to be Islam’s key paradigms.

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What is Islamic Philosophy? offers a broad introduction to Islamic thought, from its origins to the many challenging issues facing Muslims in the contemporary world. The chapters explore early Islamic philosophy and trace its development through key themes and figures up to the twenty-­first century. Topics covered include: ethical issues such as just war, abortion, women's rights, homosexuality and cloning questions in political philosophy regarding what kind of Islamic state could exist and how democratic can (or should) Islam really be the contribution of Islam to 'big questions' such as the existence of God, the concept of the soul, and what constitutes truth. This fresh and original book includes a helpful glossary and suggestions for further reading. It is ideal for students coming to the subject for the first time as well as anyone wanting to learn about the philosophical tradition and dilemmas that are part of the Islamic worldview.

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Learn the Secrets of the Pharaohs and Ancient Egypt!

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No matter how much you know about modern culture, there's no escaping the fact that ancient myths still impact our world today.

Have you ever wondered why Ancient Egyptian mythology has stood the test of time?

Ancient Egypt/Mythology can give you a better understanding of Egypt and its culture. It includes information on over 35 different Egyptian gods. You'll learn their "life stories" and how they are related to each other. Also, you'll find out their various spheres of influence, which cities they're identified with, and how they are said to have helped the people of Egypt.
Satisfy your curiosity - learn the legends of popular deities like Isis, Osiris, and Horus.

You can impress and entertain your friends and family with your new knowledge of these fascinating tales!

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The books in this bite-­sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-­pressured or the merely curious. Discover Plato is a short, simple and to-­the-­point guide to the works of Plato. In just 96 pages, the reader will discover all his ideas, from the Theory of Forms to Platonic Love. Ideal for the busy, the time-­pressured or the merely curious, Plato is a quick, no-­effort way to break into this fascinating topic.

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Learn the Classics - Gain the Wisdom of Ancient Greek Myths!

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What did the Ancient Greeks know about the deep reaches of history? What happened long ago - when stories were the only means of transmitting knowledge and wisdom?
When you download Ancient Greece, you'll learn the ancient Greek creation myths and how the world developed afterward. You'll meet the Titans, the Olympians, and the Heroes.
How did the world begin? What did the Ancient Greeks know about the very beginning of time?
Ancient Greece teaches you how the primordial forces of nature came into being out of Chaos. You'll learn about famous names like Gaia, Erebus, Eros, Nyx, and Tartarus.
Who were the Titans? The Olympians? The Heroes? How did they interact with each other and the people of the earth?
This book helps you understand it all, from Titans like Cronus and Phoebe to Olympians like Zeus an Athena, to heroes like Jason and . . .

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The books in this bite-­sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-­pressured or the merely curious. Nietzsche Made Simple is a short, simple and to-­the-­point guide to Nietzsche. ...

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There’s an old saying that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day,­’ and indeed the Roman Empire was established over many centuries. Experts say that it took around one thousand years for Rome to become the most powerful empire in the world. However, in 476 AD the Roman Empire in the west collapsed when the Germanic King Odoacer ousted Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman Empire. In the east, the Empire continued under the appellation of the Byzantine Empire until 1453, when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks and the Emperor Constantine XI died.
Since the declaration of Augustus Caesar as Emperor in AD 31, the Roman Empire had grown to such a size that it was no longer possible to run everything from Rome, and so the Empire was divided into Western and Eastern sections. At its height, it was the most influential body in the western world in social, legal and political terms, and today there are still many cultural remnants of ancient Rome. In fact, it’s difficult to find any area of . . .

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