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With the long-­term success of procedural shows dominating prime-­time television, the readership for a forensic anthology extends well beyond traditional mystery readers. Collected by Martin H. Greenberg--­the King of Anthologists--­this volume features the following contributors: Brendan DuBois Edward D. Hoch Michael A. Black Max Allan Collins and Matthew Clemens Jeremiah Healy Kristine Kathryn Rusch Julie Hyzy, John Lutz Maynard Thomson Noreen Ayres Loren D. Estleman Jeanne C. Stein

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An anthology of stories This one-­of-­a-­kind collection features stories from some of the biggest names in mystery and fantasy-­blending the genres into a unique hybrid where PIs may wear wizard's robes and criminals may really be monsters. Sit in on a modern-­day witch's trial, visit the halls of a magical boarding school with murder on the curriculum, spend some time with Sookie Stackhouse, visit London 's hidden world of the Nightside, and become spellbound with eight more tales of magical mystery.

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