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PRIVATIZING CHINAINSIDE CHINA'S STOCK MARKETSIn more depth than any other, this highly readable book lays bare why China's capital markets have fallen so far short of their promise. It is required reading for anyone seeking to understand the realities and the future of an extraordinary economic transformation. - James Kynge, Former Beijing Bureau Chief, Financial Times, Author, China Shakes the WorldCarl Walter and Fraser Howie bring together a wealth of experience to this complex and deeply important topic. Their book contains a mine of invaluable quantitative and qualitative information as well as an incredible depth of knowledge. It is essential reading for anyone investing in companies from mainland China. - Professor Peter Nolan, Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of CambridgePrivatizing China is essential for anyone who wants to understand China's companies and stock markets. no one should invest in China without reading it. - Arthur Kroeber, Managing Editor, . . .

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