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A Beautiful, Rapacious Mistress, A Savagely Strong Master--­And A Plantation Seething With Fearful Hatred And Forbidden Lust The lush sugar plantation of Green Grove was the envy of every planter on the island of Antigua--­just as its breathtakingly lovely mistress, Marguerite Warner, was the object of every hot-­blooded man's tropic-­fired hunger. But Marguerite had her own idea of the man she wanted. A man with enough iron strength to satisfy her carnal appetites and fulfill her ravenous dreams of power. Kit Hilton was the man she chose and wed and tried to shape to her will with every enticement of the flesh and seduction of the spirit. But no woman could hold his fiercely proud, freebooting adventurer -- and between them a struggle began that would explode in an orgy of violence and lust beyond all laws of God and man....

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Prophetic Passion Beautiful Meg Hilton sat in the jungle darkness beside the flame-­lit clearing. There a naked young black girl, no older than herself, was dancing, feet stamping, tight buttocks and flat belly rolling, small hard breasts jerking, head swinging, and raven-­thatched pubes thrusting in time with the music. Then the girl was joined by a boy, and Meg saw it was Cleave. His superbly muscled body snaked to and fro in splendid rhythm. His sex was in full form, a towering black miracle of manhood, pointing at the girl's belly. Meg knew she could sit still no longer. She must join the madness before her, no matter what it cost. Thus Meg Hilton had her first taste of the harvest of agony and ecstasy she was destined to reap as mistress of the great Caribbean plantation--­where her lusts were law no man dared defy....

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Dick Hilton did not want this to happen. He did not want to believe it was happening. Judith Gale was the daughter of the beautiful, voluptuous woman who had seduced him and become his mistress...­who had taught him every pleasure of the senses and made him the plaything of her own boundless appetite...­while Judith had waited outside the bedroom door. Now Judith was no longer a child, but not yet a woman. Now Judith was fourteen years old... ...­and in Dick Hilton's arms, her naked body moving with awesome expertise beneath his hands, her own hands so swift and skillful, first with his belt, then with his passion... Judith had been waiting so long for this moment -- and now it was Dick who was helpless as a child, who could not deny her what they both so fiercely wanted...

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INFERNAL TRIANGLE GISLANE--­Pale, aristocratic, stunningly beautiful, she was raised in luxury--­until the discovery o fher African blood made her the helpless instrument of savage pleasure for every man who bought her. GEORGINA--­The imperious English heiress whose jealousy was responsible for Gislane's enslavement, and who herself became captive to her own uncontrollable sexual desires. CORBEAU--­The insatiable sensualist who was master of the great plantation of Rio Blanco, and whose idea was to make one woman his wife, the other his mistress, to be enjoyed at first apart, then together. Here is a searing, tempestuous saga of degradation and brutality in a world where every corruption was permitted and no lust went unsatisfied--­a world where passion burned like the tropic sun, and drums of dooms beat restlessly in the night....

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In A Dynasty Of Lusting Men And Insatiable Women... there were three women with a single all-­consuming passion for Edward Warner... YARICO, the sensual native girl who initiated his innocent flesh into the pleasures of pagan lust. She changed him into a man who let no barrier of race or sin stand between him and his desires... SUSAN, the proud, beautiful Irish girl who laughed when Edward called her whore, wept when he treated her like one, and made a devil's bargain to share his love... ALINE, the voluptuous young Frenchwoman who tempted Edward Warner to rape, lured him into marriage, and trapped him in a hell of passion and perversity.... Here, set on a lush Caribbean island, is the surging saga of a man who made his own rules for life and lust, and of the very different women he bent to his iron will.

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When, on 16 November 1918, the Maddox Shipping Company liner Northern Wind is torn apart by a massive explosion and sinks in fifteen minutes, she takes with her to the bottom of the sea not only two thousand souls but the world’s greatest private treasure, being secretly transported from England to the United States. Unfortunately for the men who carried out the sabotage, owing to a last minute alteration of course, the ship did not sink in the calculated position, from which her cargo could be recovered. Instead she has simply disappeared, in a position known only to one of the thirteen survivors, newly wed Brande Maddox. Temporarily traumatized by the catastrophic end to all her dreams, Brande determines to devote her life to avenging the dead and recovering the treasure, soon aware that there are others who know that she is the key to location of the wreck, and who will stop at nothing to get it.

But Deep Gold is not only a story of men and the sea. It is the Roaring . . .

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