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I moved back to Manhattan from London In September 2000. A year later, 9/11 changed the world and played on the psyche of all those who lived in the city. There was a serious rank smell of paranoia as people tried to forget but could not, with rumor of terrorist threats both real and unreal being reported daily. Then in March of 2003, we went to war again in a much ballyhooed and promoted affair that started with the grand opening entitled: “Shock and Awe”. It was well received by everyone as they watched a country’s destruction on their televisions. The absurdity became too much, war on two fronts was more than I could cope with, so I began to write Our Man In Manhattan, On The Front for Flux Magazine, which soon became a must-­read in Europe. I tried to make sense of a vengeful country in the city where the largest attack occurred, but sometimes you can only laugh through the tears. These are opinions, observations, news, art and entertainment that whirled around me for five . . .

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