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I created this book because I am a passionate real foodist and want to help in this era of crazy, degenerative illness in our world. I speak, conduct workshops, pantry clear outs and office well being sessions, and am a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador. This is my first book and I'm excited to share it with you all because while health is awesome, food that tastes boring is a total waste of time. It MUST be enjoyable and delicious. This book is for those that suffer junk or refined food addiction and guilt patterns, as well as it is for people who have intolerance, allergies or preferences when it comes to cutting out major allergens such as gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugars. Imagine looking at someone with their donut or candy bar and having a complete feeling of indifference - like you couldn't give two hoots about what they're having and you certainly wouldn't dream of having the same. Perhaps you're like that already or maybe you've only recently started the . . .

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