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This entertaining evening consists of 10 monologues from various women scorned who directly address their exes’ new wives and lovers.


ZOE: They prefer to be called “Adult Babies.­”

MIRIAM: Giving new meaning to the term “Bitter Herbs.­”

BETHANY: Is a good Christian girl. Really. She is.

SHEILA: Is praying for your child.
To be the size of a watermelon.

FAYE: Both lover and robbery can be blind.

ALEXIS: You are the nanny. You work for Momma.

KAREN: To my student, a final lesson:
The way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

MELANIE: With a meat cleaver.

ELISSA: An ode to Dido
The lonely Queen of Carthage.

GIVE ‘EM HELL HARRIET: For my Grandparents,
R and Pop.

“a bracing blitz of pure estrogen”
- LA Times

“Macher's writing reflects the humor and detail of an
insightful storyteller.­”
- LA Weekly

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3 Males, 2 Females

A Brechtian comedy about a woman in a troubled marriage who travels through time, space and Sweden to reexamine her past relationships for solutions to her newly found troubles. Unable to get the clear answers she needs, she must look inside herself to find what she is looking for.

“Macher's fresh dialogue draws the audience into Elin's dysfunction.­”
—The Roanoke Times

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