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Why Eat Out When You Can Prepare a Better Meal at Home? is a compilation of old, family, traditional, go-­to dishes along with some of the author Deborah Dunwell’s everyday favorites. Dunwell has worked in three upper crust restaurants as a cook and a chef. She has placed several of her recipes in this cookbook to share them with others who also enjoy the art of cooking. In this book you will find everything from simple comfort food to special occasion dishes that will “wow” your friends and family. The easy-­to-­follow format enables anyone from experienced cook to those with little or no culinary background to have great success in cooking. Anyone can cook if given the right tools and teacher. Deborah explained, “Through this book, I am able to share my love of cooking by sharing my experiences, my recipes, and my knowledge with you. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy adding a few of my favorite dishes to your dining table.­”

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