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Are you an overwhelmed business person?
Does a 40 hour work week seem as much of a fantasy as a 4 hour work week does?
Tired of missing family events, working through your weekends or skipping vacations for the sake of your business?
Have you considered working with a virtual assistant but don't have a clue where to start?
This book is for you.

In these pages you will be introduced to a side of virtual assistance that many of the guides and ‘how to work with a virtual assistant’ books either gloss over or don’t mention at all: the highly skilled, highly trained virtual assistant. The individuals that are poised to provide your business with a level of service many think is restricted to hired employees.
You’ll discover that finding and working with these professionals is a little bit different than choosing the lowest bidder on a freelance site. And you’ll learn that you can build a working relationship with someone as committed to seeing your business succeed as you are. . . .

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